Benefits of hiring our professional photographers

Captivating first impressions

First impressions of a property are lasting and powerful. They are often the deciding factor for a customer since they provide the initial image of the home.

Top quality photographs

Photographs taken from the best angles, with good lighting, and retouched with care. Our photographs are sharp, balanced, and bright, which gives the finest representation of the property.

Stand out and sell faster. 

Stand out on your Social Media and Listing websites with our finest quality photographs. Get the most from your investment across all platforms. 

Prices and packages

*Custom quotes vary per real estate project, for Builders, Architects & Interior Designers for Commercial Licensing or Non-listing use. 

Fully Personalized

Recommended for Luxury Villas, Hotels

  • A prior visit to the property and consultation
  • Unlimited amount of high-quality images
  • Staging and rearrangements 
  • Flash, HDR, and Focus Stacking composites
  • Complete retouching package
  • Exterior shots
  • Twilight shots
  • Close-up creative shots 

Most popular

Recommended for large properties or Airbnb’s

  • 20 high-quality images 
  • Staging on request
  • Retouching and color correction
  • Photoshop object removal 
  • Digital download

Basic offer

Recommended for small and unfurnished properties

  • 10 high-quality images
  • HDR exposure blending
  • Retouching and color correction
  • Fast turnaround 
  • Digital download

Extra Services

*At the moment available only in the Canary Islands and Barcelona

Services offered by Polestar Casa Studios. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

360 Virtual Tours

Enhance your customer's virtual experience with our exceptional 360 tours. Our high-quality panoramic images showcase each space from all angles, allowing your customers to zoom in, out, and look up and down with ease. Our 360° photographs can effortlessly be uploaded to compatible social media platforms and embedded on your website, providing a seamless and engaging virtual tour experience.

Services offered by Polestar Casa Studios. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

3D space dollhouse

Our immersive technology allows your clients to move around each area in fine detail, as if they were in a real-life house. Your customers may explore each corner of the property by rotating, zooming in and out, and viewing each room from a variety of angles.

Services offered by Polestar Casa Studios. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

2D Floor Plans

A 2D floor plan is an excellent tool for presenting your space’s layout and design. We create high-quality 2D floor plans for online real estate listings, brochures, and property websites. Our floor plans, which include correct dimensions and comprehensive depictions of your home, can help potential buyers visualize themselves in your space and make informed decisions. 

Services offered by Polestar Casa Studios. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

Aerial/Pole photography  

Struggling to capture the perfect front shot of your property due to drone regulations and neighbor concerns? Our professional pole photography service allows us to capture unique viewpoints from 5m+ above without the use of a drone. This means we can get winning front shots of your property, even if there are objects in the foreground that would be difficult to navigate with a drone. Plus, our service is completely legal and non-invasive, ensuring the privacy of your neighbors.


Express image production

Creative shots. Details/Close-ups

Placing your Watermarks 

Interior designer assistance/Staging

Male or Female model/s 

Request an appointment now. 

With our efficient turnaround, you can rely on us to provide high-quality service at a reasonable price. Unmatched quality and convenience are now at your disposal.


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