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 We are a small and dynamic team of friends, united by our common passion for travel experiences. With different backgrounds and a wealth of experience, together we have created something extraordinary. Our combined expertise forms a unique blend of knowledge that improves every aspect of rental properties and creates unforgettable memories for travelers. Our skills in transforming and marketing vacation rentals ensure that your property stands out from the competition maximizes its potential, and generates tangible results.

Our mission is to rethink the travel experience by integrating our insights into every stage of the guest experience. We strive to create memorable moments for guests that go beyond mundane service. Hospitality, not service, is at the heart of everything. People forget good service, but never a memorable moment. We help you create moments that earn a memory and create lifelong connections. 

Our Purpose: At the core of our consultation is a simple purpose: to inspire and uplift. With every interaction, every recommendation, and every personalized touch, we strive to spark the joy of having the opportunity to host travelers from around the world and share your hospitality and culture. 

Our commitment extends beyond this, as we seek to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, taking into consideration their unique requirements and adapting quickly to industry trends. 

Sobre nosotros. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

Personal story

Or how I got involved in the Hospitality business. 

 I was born in Latvia, the Northeastern part of Europe. This region is often unfairly branded as inhabited by cold and distant people, particularly when viewed from an outsider`s perspective.   However, this stereotype couldn`t be further from the truth once you`ve been welcomed into a Latvian home. The transformation is remarkable. Strangers become honored guests, enjoying homemade delicacies, strong drinks, and even an offer to spend the night in a spare bedroom. It was an Airbnb concept before it became a thing. 

 As I look back on my experiences, it’s impossible not to see my father as the ultimate example of hospitality. 

 Let me share a brief story that illustrates this. One particular day, we received a phone call from a delivery service, confirming that someone needed to be present at home to receive a package sent by my sister from Florida. Having managed a large hotel for several years, she wanted to send us some presents from the United States. Curiously, the delivery was routed to Lithuania for reasons unknown, and a driver was tasked with an overnight journey to bring it to our doorstep in Latvia. Upon the driver’s arrival, my father welcomed the driver as if he had personally collected the package from my sister’s hands in the US and transported it to our home. My father generously opened the doors of our guest house, offering a place to rest and making sure the driver was well-fed. The following day the driver left with a heartwarming story to share. In a world of brief interactions, my dad’s gesture stands out as unusual. 

True hospitality goes beyond shelter—it’s about opening hearts, creating bonds, and leaving a meaningful impact on those we meet.

Sobre nosotros. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

 Unfortunately, after I graduated, I struggled to secure suitable employment in my hometown. Growing up in a country that faced significant political and social upheavals taught me that chances had to be won through hard effort and perseverance. 

 I had to rapidly improve my English skills before the flight to the UK where I searched for my first job overseas. Fortunately, I found two part-time jobs and worked 14-hour days to make ends meet in expensive London. 

 In the mornings, I worked for a luxury tea and coffee brand with a legacy dating back to 1886. They offered the most amazing coffees, teas, and ceramics. Their dedication to the finest details and customer service was unmatched. To keep up with my coworkers, I immersed myself in learning. 

 After lunch, I crossed Covent Garden to arrive at my second job at the London Film School cafe. This small, independently owned business served meals within the school premises and also organized catering for film shoots, movie screenings, parties, and graduations. The owner’s dedication and wealth of insights thought me a lot. Towards the end of my contract, I was independently handling day-to-day operations and organized events catering to as many as 300 attendees.

 After years of intense work, both physically and emotionally draining, I decided to seek a change and chose Amsterdam. The city’s peaceful and welcoming atmosphere provided a sharp contrast to the constant hustle of London. 

 I landed a job at a student hotel in Amsterdam, which, despite targeting students, wasn’t an affordable option. It offered an all-inclusive experience at a high cost. 

 Shortly after, I joined a startup hotel associated with the WorldHotels chain. This hotel focused on providing business travelers with an aparthotel experience that combined modern amenities with an authentic Amsterdam feel. 

 It was during this time that my fascination with the hospitality industry truly began. Every aspect of shaping guest experiences and creating positive interactions with travelers became a source of genuine pleasure for me.

Sobre nosotros. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services
Sobre nosotros. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

 A year later I took a decision to join a thriving and innovative industry giant Booking.com. Luck was on my side, as they offered an opportunity for a transfer to sunny Barcelona while retaining my role. Once again, I packed my bags and moved, this time closer to the sun.

 For the past 7 years, I’ve been part of the Booking.com team, directly witnessing how they quickly adapt to new travel trends. The company’s growth was remarkable, especially when it embraced other aspects of travel like transportation, flights, taxis, rental cars, experiences, and restaurant reservations. 

 Accommodation represents only about 30% of a traveler’s budget; expanding services to cover 85% of that budget through commissions was a strategic move that made perfect sense. 

 During these years, I participated in a wide range of projects, from testing new services to introducing thousands of new properties for events like the Olympic Games. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that I’ve handled hundreds of thousands of listings, engaged with countless property owners, general managers, and account managers, and tackled every aspect of the business when it comes to partner or guest experience. 

  Here’s my brief history of how I came to acquire in-depth knowledge in the industry. 

My ultimate goal is to deliver the same level of detailed service that’s standard in luxury hospitality to smaller property owners.

 These owners are often overlooked by large corporations, yet they hold a special place in the hearts of travelers.  

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