How to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

 Welcome to our guide on transforming your swimming pool into an alluring paradise that will not only WOW guests but also help you attract more bookings for your rental property.

 Transforming your pool area into a well-designed and inviting paradise can be a game-changer for your short-term rental. 

 By incorporating a few strategic additions, you can elevate the appeal of your swimming pool, enticing potential guests to choose your property for their next getaway.

Let’s explore some fantastic ideas that will make your pool the star attraction and boost your rental revenue.

Sunloungers under umbrellas near the swimming pool with drinks

Create a cozy and stylish lounging area

 Create a comfortable and stylish relaxing space by the pool with comfortable furniture, plush cushions, and sun umbrellas. 

 The fully equipped lounge area encourages guests to relax, unwind and enjoy the beautiful poolside atmosphere. 

By doing that, you will elevate your poolside photos and help your property stand out on *OTAs. 

 Consider adding some outdoor rugs or throw pillows to add a touch of luxury and make the area even more inviting.

Stylish sun loungers by the swimming pool.
How to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

Weather resistant option

UMAY 3-1 Recliner

Reasons to buy: 

  • Weather resistant paint
  • Reinforced, load capacity up to 440lbs
  • Easy to fold and store away
How to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

High-density ice silk material  

Zero Gravity Chair

Reasons to buy: 

  • Multi-angle adjustable backrest
  • Light enough to move easily  
  • Very comfortable

Take your pool to a whole new level with mesmerizing water features!

 Take your pool to the next level with enchanting waterfalls, elegant fountains, and attractive bubble foam that will WOW your guests as soon as they step into the water.

Water cascade designed for the swimming pool

 These glamorous additions not only create an oasis of serenity but also infuse a touch of elegance and sophistication into your pool area, paving the way for unforgettable experiences.

Swimming pool at night with beautiful lights, red, and purple.

Install ambient lighting

  Consider installing ambient lighting around the pool to enhance the mood for evening relaxation. LED lights, string lights, or floating pool lights can transform the pool area into a magical world after dark.  

 Guests will appreciate the cozy ambiance, making their stay more memorable!

 Evening photos are a must for luxury properties. If you have beautifully designed lighting in your pool it will make those late-night photos so much better. 

Nighttime swimming pool with underwater lights

Pro LED Color Pool Light — 160 USD

  •   Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  •   Remote control
  •   24/7 customer support  

Waterproof Pool RGB Color — 50 USD

  •   Remote control
  •   Two voltage types
  •   Six colours

Consider setting up outdoor entertainment near the pool area.

 One of the highlights of your pool can be a large high-quality screen and projector that is strategically placed near the pool. 

Entertainment area by the swimming pool, large screen and movie projector.

 With this unique feature, your guests can enjoy the movie while in the pool sipping on a cocktail under a starry sky. 

 They will definitely never forget a movie night like this! 

How to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

A brilliant projector.  

Sony VPL-XW6000ES 4K

Reasons to buy: 

  • Stunning contrast and detail
  • Great sharpness
  • Comprehensive remote control
How to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool. Vacation Rental’s Expert Consulting Services

More affordable but equally amazing!

BenQ W2700i True 4K  

Reasons to buy: 

  • Sharp & detailed 4K images
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Very good video processing
  • Excellent value for money
Poolside cabana, white luxury design.

Create a tropical oasis by adding a poolside cabana or a tiki bar.

 Create a tropical oasis by adding a poolside cabana or a tiki bar. This addition provides shade and comfort for the guests on a hot summer day and also adds a touch of luxury to the pool area.

 Guests will love having a space like this to enjoy drinks and good times by the poolside.

 They will definitely make some selfies there and share them on Social Media. This would become a free promotional vehicle for your property.

Tiki bar by the swimming pool, summer drinks

Don’t forget about family travelers!

 Don’t forget about families traveling together! Adding some features specifically for the kids such as water slides, floats, and other toys can turn your swimming pool into a fun place for the entire family.   

Water slides for the swimming pool

 This will surely attract more bookings from parents looking for a place that has facilities for their children. Parents will love having «me» time while the kids play alone in the pool. Try this and see what it does for your review scores!

Some affordable ideas for family fun:

Lush greenery and plants near the swimming pool.

Add something green!

 Improve the aesthetics of the entire swimming pool area by adding some flowers and some beautiful landscaping. Lush greenery, fresh flowers on the tables, and large potted plants placed around the area will no doubt create a serene and inviting atmosphere + as always it will look amazing in the photos. 

Green jungle-style swimming pool, lots of greenery.

 By incorporating these captivating additions to your swimming pool area, you can create an irresistible retreat that will impress your guests and boost your short-term rental revenue. 

 The more amenities you have the higher your nightly rate can be. Remember, an appealing pool is a significant selling point for any vacation property, and investing in its enhancement will pay off in the form of delighted guests and increased bookings. The guests will share pictures with friends, leading to more referrals.

 So, dive into luxury and transform your swimming pool into the highlight of your rental property!

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